Reality-Coupled Computation Laboratory(Jun ISHIMOTO Laboratory)





Jun ISHIMOTO, Professor

Institute of Fluid Science (IFS), Tohoku University

He received doctor of engineering from Tohoku University, Japan in year 1995. He worked as a JSPS Fellow in 1995, and then joined IFS, Tohoku University as a research associate in 1996. He moved to Department of intelligent machines and system engineering, Hirosaki University as an associate professor in 1999. At that time, he temporally joined University of Kentucky, USA as a visiting scholar for one year in 2000. Then he returned to IFS, Tohoku University as an associate professor in year 2005, and he supervises the Reality-Coupled Computation Laboratory in IFS.
His special research fields are; multiphase flow, cryogenics, interfacial phenomena, liquid atomization, microgravity droplet dynamics, and magnetohydrodynamics.


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